What to see, experience and do!
The nature at Herøy gives a lot of opportunities for adventures. Our location is perfect for all different types of trips and activities.Below you will find a few suggestions for places to visit and activities to participate in.There are many opportunities!

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  • Herøy Local Museum and Collections
  • Herøy church
  • Salvatnet Nature reserve
  • The Brasøy Gallery
  • The House of the Sea Nomads, Husvær
  • Sandsundvær:
      Old fishing station outermost on the island of Herøy where, in the old days, approx. 200 fishermen took part in the winter fishery. On 22 January 1901, 34 people perished here after their struggle with the elements. Boat trips to Sandsundvær are arranged during the summer..
  • Dønnes Farm with the Dønnes church
  • The Dønnes Mountain and the cafe "Dønnesfjellstua"
  • The Marble Phallus at Glein
  • Gravesites at Gleinneset

  • Alstahaug:
  • Alstadhaug church
  • Petter Dass Museum

  • Vega:
  • The Outpost Lånan

  • Trips and biking

    Island hopping with bike on Helgeland:
  • Island Hopping

  • Mountain trips:
  • Stor-Tuva, Øksningan
  • Åkvik Mountain, på Dønna
  • The Dønna Man, Dønna
  • The Seven Sisters, Alsten

  • Other:
  • Fishing trips and boats for rent
  • Boat trips