How do you get to Herøy and Høgtun Sjøcamping?

  • From E6: Highway 810 from Mosjøen to Sandnessjøen and then south to Søvik where the ferry leaves for Herøy (Flostad)
  • Kystriksvegen- The Coastal Route: Rv 17 to Søvik and ferry to Herøy.
  • By air: Fly to Stokka Airport (Sandnessjøen)
  • With boat: Speed boat from Sandnessjøen or ferry from Søvik to Flostad, Herøy
  • With ferry: from Sandnessjøen to Bjørn on the island Dønna.

  • Please also see maps and driving directions by clicking on the links below:

    From the Sandnessjøen harbour to Søvik. Marked as "Stopp" on the map. (Ferry route not indicated here, as it is fairly new)

    From Flostad ferry harbour, Herøy to Høgtun Sjøcamping

    From Bjørn ferry harbour, Dønna to Høgtun Sjøcamping